Online Mini-Grant Application

How to Submit Your Mini-Grant Application Forms Directly Online

If you prefer to submit your forms directly online, feel free to use this option. Click on the following links to fill out and submit your online forms. Once submitted, you will automatically receive a copy of the application form for your records. A copy of the demographic survey can be requested. We recommend saving all of your documents in one folder.

First step is to complete the first two forms by clicking on the link. Be sure to click Submit once you filled out the form and survey.

Mini-Grant Application Form

Mini-Grant Demographic Survey

Next complete the following steps before uploading the requested documents.

Download the Budget Proposal (fillable). Fill out and save the form on the computer using Adobe Reader.


Scan or take a photo of your CA identification and if needed Proof of Residency. Add your name to the filename.

Take 2 photos of your project area from two different perspectives.

Upload Budget Proposal (fillable), Photo ID, and if needed Proof of Residency and "before" pictures by clicking on this link


Belle Haven Community Development Fund will hire a photographer to take the “curb appeal” home/yard/safety improvement projects after all of the applications are submitted. You will be contacted after the due date (7/11/23).


If you need assistance or have questions, email us at, call or text us at 650-999-0545


Thank you for using the online option.