Belle Haven Mini-Grant 


The 2023 Belle Haven Mini-Grant Program will launch on April 15, 2023

What is the Mini-Grant Program?

The Belle Haven Mini Grant Program is a subsidy program for Belle Haven residents to help pay for small "curb appeal" home improvement projects that bring value to the community. Local non-profits who serve the Belle Haven community and residents can also receive a subsidy for community building events. The goals of the program are to increase community pride in Belle Haven, strengthen relationships among community members, and bring neighbors closer together.

Who is eligible to apply?

All residents of Belle Haven starting at age 10, are eligible. Community-based organizations (CBOs) that serve the Belle Haven community and residents who want to  offer community building events are also eligible.

If I or someone in my household previously received a Mini Grant can I apply again?

Yes, but note that first time applicants will be given preference. You must have submitted the required final reports from your previous grant award year.

What projects does the program support?  

It supports small projects that benefit the community of Belle Haven, either by improving the look of the community (“home/yard improvement”) or by building a better community through social events and activities.  Previously approved grants include: lending library, home/yard improvement (curb appeal), and community events such as National Night Out. Click here to see specific examples.

Where can I get information about permits?

The FAQ information on Required City of Menlo Park Permits for the Belle Haven Mini-Grant Program is attached below. Use it to determine if you need a permit.

Here are the links to City permits and codes to be included in the application budget if needed:

What is the limit of a mini grant?  

The amount granted is $500, $1,000 or $1,500. Any unused funds must be returned to San Francisco Study Center, Belle Haven Community Development Fund's fiscal sponsor.

What if my project needs more money?

If your project costs more than the dollar limit on the Mini-Grant, it is your responsibility to fund the rest of your project.  

Can I apply for several projects at a time?

Yes, you can, if the projects fall into different categories: i.e. either home/yard improvement/safety OR community event.  If you apply for more than one, you must complete an separate application for each one. The grant committee will evaluate each project separately and decide upon its merit.

Can several people in the same household apply?

Yes, they can, but they are not allowed to apply for the same project. That would double the chances that they get the grant, and is not fair to other applicants.

How does one apply for a mini-grant?

You have to plan the work, get an estimate of the cost, fill out the application and submit it together with supporting documents before the deadline. The application form asks specific questions and gives instructions in more detail. There is more information available in the Planning Guide.

Where do I submit the application and requested documents?

You can 1) email it to or 2) mail it to Belle Haven Community Development Fund, P.O. Box 2005, Menlo Park CA 940263 or 3) drop it off at Belle Haven Library, 413 Ivy Drive, Menlo Park between 6-8pm July 11, 2023. You can also complete the process online as well. Look for more instructions on the Mini-Grant Forms page.

Where do I find the forms I need to apply?

All forms including the application are available in English on this web page, Mini-Grant Forms. If you need them in Spanish, Formas de la Belle Haven Mini-Beca

** Do not use back-to-back printing.

How can I get help with filling it out?

The Belle Haven Community Development Fund offers informational and application assistance sessions. The dates for these events can be found by clicking here. If needed, you can request 1:1 assistance by emailing, calling or texting  (650) 999-0545.

Ideas to consider for “curb appeal” projects