Belle Haven Community Development Fund (BHCDF)

The Belle Haven Community Development Fund (BHCDF) is a neighborhood based non-profit. BHCDF grew out of a visioning process initiated by the City. A few residents came together to form an organization that would focus on providing an infrastructure to take advantage of opportunities and resources made available to the Belle Haven neighborhood of Menlo Park, CA.

BHCDF is a reliable trustworthy and non-partisan group focused on empowering the Belle Haven community.

As the only community fund for Belle Haven, we are dedicated to bringing the entire community together to develop and achieve common goals that will result in making Belle Haven community a thriving one for residents and neighbors alike.


BHCDF envisions Belle Haven as a diverse, self-sustaining and empowered community, which works to pursue its interests and attain its goals, and is a highly desirable place to live.


BHCDF sees its purpose to engage the Belle Haven Community in advocating for our common goals and broker resources to foster sustainable community development. Uniting people and building community.


BHCDF is committed to be reliable, trustworthy, non-partisan and fair; to respect diversity and collaborate in transparent and open ways; to cultivate talent and pursue excellence in all its dealings.

Belle Haven Community Development Fund (BHCDF) Programs

Here are the programs we administer, fund and/or participate in:

Belle Haven Neighborhood Mini Grant Program (mini-grant) provides grants to Belle Haven residents who want to improve the front of their homes with curb appeal projects and local non-profits serving the neighborhood to host community events. Information and applications are provided from January to April. The program is funded by the City of Menlo Park and administered by BHCDF. Click here to go to the Mini Grant website.

One-to-One Solutions Scholarship Program (1-to-1) provides scholarships for Belle Haven elementary and middle school youth (3 – 13) to take classes and camps at Onetta Harris Community Center (OHCC) each session. The program is funded by BHCDF and managed by the staff at OHCC. Families can apply when they register for classes at the beginning of each session (Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring).

Sponsored Employment Program (SEP), a crime prevention initiative, provides summer employment, mentoring and community engagement opportunities for young people (14 – 24) with the greatest challenges to employment. BHCDF joined the implementing partners to expand the program into Belle Haven and participate as a member of the Logistics Team. Applications for participants and resumes for peer mentors are accepted in April and May.

Contact us at or call | text 650-999-0545 and leave a message.

Belle Haven Mini Grant Program offers small grants for local "curb appeal" home improvement projects & community building events that benefit the Belle Haven neighborhood of Menlo Park, California.

The program is funded by the City of Menlo Park and administered by Belle Haven Community Development Fund.

For more information, you can contact the Belle Haven Community Development Fund by calling 650-999-0545 or by email at